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Kyklos, a successful startup in the field of gaming, offers players without a team to match according to their selection criteria. Like dating applications (Meetic, Tinder, etc.). Immediately seduced by the project, Perroquet was able to dive into the aesthetics of graphic design in the world of gaming.

In order to expand their offer and speak more directly to Kyklos players / users, the startup decided to produce an illustration of its logo, the wolf's head. This illustration is used for the brand's goodies. Perroquet has changed the visual identity of the company to achieve an impactful visual.

Perroquet took care of designing the reference object for gamers: the mouse pad. This object exists in two sizes small and large, depending on the use. Using the red and blue colors of Kyklos, we represented a wolf in the moonlight. The 3D effect, the color gradients, the general style of the illustration follow the codes of graphic design in the field of gaming.