Your feet on the ground and head in the stars
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Alain Guillemier

Alain Guillemier business coach supports managers of SMEs and large groups to develop their skills in management, management of their activity and their employees. In 2020 he created Aficoaching: With the signature "Les pieds sur terre et la tête dans les étoiles". Perroquet took care of the design of the visual identity of the company applied to several digital communications media.

Following this baseline, Perroquet created the logo and visual identity of Aficoaching. The logo represents a star showing an objective to be achieved: this is the main purpose of Aficoaching, support and progression for the managers. A business card template was designed as well as a PowerPoint presentation template according to the visual identity chosen by the client.

The roundness of the sign and the typography expresses the proximity between Aficoaching and its customers. The colors of the logo sign, the gradient from blue to green, accentuates the idea of having a progression. The sign, the star created by Perroquet, can be used very well on its own, especially on social networks such as Linkedin. Even if we are realistic, we can touch the stars !